EU Action Plan


In 2004, the EU Commission adopted an Action Plan for organic farming development.

White Paper on Herbal Medicine

In 2005, a White Paper was published on herbal medicine in Denmark.
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Sector Development



In Denmark, the first Action Plan for organic farming development was adopted in 1995. Since then, one more has been prepared. The idea of formulating action plans for development

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of the organic farming sector
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has since then become wide spread. For instance, the EU has adopted an action plan for development of organic farming and trade.


Despite increased interest in development of the sector for medicinal plants in Denmark, an action plan has not been formulated. The sector represents an interesting alternative to existing focus on bulk production of common agricultural

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products, which are likely to face increasing competition from abroad. There is a growth potential within the sector of medicinal plants because of increased interest in their use possibilities and focus on health and natural products. Similarly, medicinal herbs and spices may be sold as high value cash crops. It would be important to identify those plants, which benefit the most from
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cultivation under the
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agro-climatic conditions prevailing in Denmark, for instance because of the long days during the summer time, which might give optimal conditions for content of active components in certain herbs.


BIOService provides assistance in development of the sectors for organic products as well as medicinal herbs and spices. Services include the formulation of action plans, establishment of networks and co-operation within the sectors, identification of business opportunities, sustainable collection and production of raw materials, as well as development of national and local standards and regulations, and building of local certification capacity.

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